Forum Title: Storm door pneumatic device stuck open
Our storm door is stuck open due to the pneumatic closing device being jammed, I believe. I think it was opened too far, and now we can't get the release to give. I don't want to force it for fear of breaking it. Is there hope for it, or should I just see about replacing the mechanism?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: PHYLLIS RUSSELL (Miami Beach, FL), 01/08/2019

Google retractable screen outswinging door. I have never done one but its probably your only option aside from replacing the door. Some are similar to the roll-away screens like the ones Pella has as an option on their sliding patio doors.

- MINNIE PADILLA (Avondale, AZ), 02/21/2019

I agree with the replacement suggestion.Remove the closer and take it with you to try and get as close a match especially in length as possible.It is very unlikely that the exisiting mounting hardware will work with any replacements you find so be prepared to remount a new closer.If the door does not have a chian as suggested I'd put one on.

- JIMMIE BALL (Great Falls, MT), 02/27/2019

hi, its possible that if its got a button on the end instead of the usual washer on the rod, that maybe you have accidentally pressed the button and opened door engaging it to hold open in any position, to release it just pull door alittle and it will release closed. the closers that have a button and not the hold open washer on the rod end is called the touch n' hold. heres the website that sells them if the closer is NOT this kind and is the washer-on-rod type then its posible that if you heard what sounded like a snapping sound when it happened that you snapped the spring inside that makes it close the door. if thats what happened, since screen door closers are not rebuildable only option is to replace it with a new closer. hope this helps in figureing out the problem and good luck.

- DEBRA ADAMS (Ventura, CA), 02/22/2019

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